UkraineInvest is pleased to present our 1st and 2nd Quarterly Reports for 2017.

UkraineInvest was created to attract and support investment in Ukraine. We provide investors with objective, real-world information and advice about doing business in the country.

Ukraine is already home to thousands of foreign-based companies operating across the country. From manufacturing to fast-moving-consumer-goods; from many of the largest multi-national companies in the world to small family-owned businesses, Ukraine’s competitive costs, strategic location, domestic market and plentiful resources have proven to be the right decision for building profitable business.

Our team of Relationship Managers work one-to-one with potential investors, guiding them through the process of getting started or expanding in Ukraine.

UkraineInvest offers our one-stop services free-of-charge.

Your investment matters – to you, to us and to Ukraine.

We provide

  • Navigation and Guidance
    UkraineInvest can help with identifying opportunities, trouble shooting and providing direction. Our services are always tailored to meet the needs of each investor.
  • Information and Insight
    Our local expertise can provide the details that lead to informed decisions about how and why Ukraine could be the right business destination.
  • Introductions
    We have connections across the country in business and government to connect investors to those they want and need to know.
  • Key Sector Expertise
    Our professionals have experience and expertise in high potential, high growth sectors and niche markets, which means clients benefit from both a broad view and in-depth look at the opportunities.
  • Regional Support
    We are headquartered in Kyiv, but work nationally and in close cooperation with regional partners.
  • Advocacy
    UkraineInvest is an important voice for business as we speak directly to the government. From helping investors solve certain issues to advising the government on how to create a more business friendly environment, our voice is the investor’s voice.