Facilitate Setup

Ukraine has made great strides in the ease of opening a new business – but for investors, that is just the start.  UkraineInvest can work with your business development team and provide the information and referrals needed, from local service providers, to details about regions to be considered or information on international schools for expat staff’s children.


When starting a new business in a new country, one of the most important things an investor can do is build a network of connections.  Whether a business is large or small, serving the domestic or international markets, finding people who can answer questions, provide insight, share stories and open doors can make all the difference.  UkraineInvest has connections across the country, with people in business and government, and we are happy to connect investors to those they want and need to know.


UkraineInvest can provide traditional navigational support – helping businesses understand what regions or areas of Ukraine might best suit their business needs – or a more social form of navigational support – helping foreigners understand Ukraine’s particular rhythms and local business practices.   What ever it is you need to understand in order to get to where you want to go, we stand ready to help.

Find Opportunities

Ukraine is a big country with opportunities in a wide variety of sectors and locations.  Each new business comes with its own checklist of needs that can include decisions on choices between greenfield or brownfield sites, city or regional locations, access to waterways or close to the EU border, to name but a few.  UkraineInvest works to understand an investor’s requirements and then helps identify the places and the projects that may be of greatest interest.