Kyiv set to become only the third city globally to host the Uber Shuttle minibus service.

Digital taxi and transportation market leader Uber has announced plans to launch the Uber Shuttle service in Kyiv in pilot mode during May 2019. The service, which allows passengers to book seats in minibuses operating along pre-arranged fixed routes within the city, is currently only available in Egyptian capital Cairo and Mexican city Monterrey. If the pilot period proves successful, Kyiv will become the third city globally to host Uber Shuttle. The move is part of Uber’s efforts to expand the range of transportation options it offers clients, and in line with ongoing Uber expansion in Ukraine. Uber launched its taxi service in Kyiv in 2016 and opened a regional headquarters in the Ukrainian capital the following year. In early 2019, the company launched the Uber Eats food delivery service and the Uber Green electric car service.

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