My Story

UkraineInvest has launched a website to provide information about and highlight the opportunities of doing business in Ukraine. The target audience is primarily foreign investors who wish to know more about Ukraine.

One of the most powerful ways to communicate that foreign businesses can and do operate successfully in Ukraine is through the voices that matter most to potential investors – those of other businesses.

We would like to invite you and your company to be featured on UkraineInvest’s web site as a “success story” of a foreign business operating in Ukraine. Please visit our site at to view other stories we have already profiled.

In order to be profiled as a UkraineInvest Success Story, we need some details; we have created the following form to collect data in a unified fashion. In addition to this data, we will need a 200×200 pixel, .jpeg photo, as well as a .jpeg or .png file of your company’s logo.

Please know, that if you provide a response, you are providing us with permission to use your story on a public website, and your words will be featured in the “Success Stories” section of our website. We will use your words as you provide them, however please know we may need to do some minor editing for formatting and clarity.