In the past, Ukraine was known as the “bread basket of Europe”; today, the country is being called a potential global agricultural superpower.


How to increase the yields and productivity of this land even more? Let technology guide the way.


Traditional sources of energy in Ukraine include gas, electricity, coal and nuclear power.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy offers investors emerging opportunities - particularly in solar and wind.


Ukraine has a large manufacturing base that historically was focused primarily on heavy industry. Today, Ukraine's manufacturing sector is far more diverse.

Aerospace and Technology

Ukraine has a long and distinguished history in the field of aerospace technology going back to the early decades of the ‘space race’ in the 20th century.


Ukraine's vast infrastructure creates attractive investment opportunities makes the country an important transit corridor for trade and travel between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


The Ukrainian fashion industry is the latest commercial sector to experience an unprecedented boom as a result of the country’s resurgent economy.