While Ukraine’s competitive advantages in agriculture farm land are extensive and well known, Ukraine is also known for its domestic agri-tech manufacturing with major plants located around the country.

Combine the agribusiness realities with the country’s IT and scientific expertise, and the possibilities in agri-tech become interesting.

A recently published guide from provides an overview of the Agri-Tech being developed in Ukraine today.


Agricultural industry flagship cities already include:

– Kharkiv (various tractor models and engines for self-propelled harvesters)
– Odesa (tractor ploughs)
– Kropyvnytskiy (seeding machines)
– Dnipro and Ternopil (beet harvesters)
– Kherson (corn harvesters)
– Berdiansk (reapers)
– Lviv (agricultural machinery)

However the domestic market is far from saturated and many opportunities still exist.

In addition, the pent-up demand for agri-tech is increasingly bringing together Ukraine’s large pool of IT specialists and machinery design engineers to work together in the thriving agricultural sector.

This value chain is still in its commercial infancy, but due to its highly lucrative growth potential, it represents one of the greatest opportunities for current investment in Ukraine’s agricultural sector.

A far more visionary opportunity lies in the promotion of clusters where like-minded businesses are grouped together in compact areas enabling services and infrastructure to be leveraged for the benefit of all concerned.

With all of its resource advantages, Ukraine has the opportunity to embrace this concept and promote the creation of agricultural clusters where the latest in agri-technologies can be researched, tested and developed.  It is difficult to overstate the beneficial impact of such clusters as there is an all-inclusive need and tremendous financial potential to improve efficiency and enhance capacity throughout the whole of Ukraine’s agricultural production chain.


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