The Ukrainian fashion industry is the latest commercial sector to experience an unprecedented boom as a result of the country’s resurgent economy.

In a global industry traditionally dominated by French, Italian, British and American fashion houses, new, elegant and striking design collections are increasingly being developed by boutique designers in Ukraine.

Recent historic events unleashed a wave of creative energy among a generation of young designers who drew inspiration from the surge of homegrown dignity and pride that emerged during the last few years. Today one can see this wave manifest itself in the imaginative designs and diverse collections appearing on runways of major fashion shows around the world.

In an industry constantly on the watch for the latest trends and social statements, the inspired collections of Ukrainian designers have now captured the attention of fashion elites and their clients around the globe.

The fashion industry’s iconic Vogue magazine has given new impetus to Ukraine’s new designers and their subtle ethno-inspired creations. Over the course of the last three years the magazine has covered the country’s hot fashion scene at least a half a dozen times.

Fashion labels to watch include:


Olena Dats

Roksolana Bogutska

Oksana Polonets




A similar wave of national pride has also hit Ukraine’s fashion accessory scene and the general manufacturing sector as well.

The symbol “Made in Ukraine” has come to define this pride and has found its way into the internal consumer market as a branding moniker. It even boasts its own hashtag, #MadeinUkraine that has led to production and sale of thousands of souvenirs and manufactured goods, all made in Ukraine.

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