Business Promotions – Solar Farm

Ukraine takes an innovative approach to energy and the future, by turning what was once thought to be unusable land into a modern and renewable source of solar energy.

Ukraine – Mykolaiv Region

The Mykolaiv Region, located in the south-west of Ukraine, offers a variety of business opportunities and natural beauty for those willing to explore.

Ukraine – Mykolaiv City

Following on the video about the Mykolaiv Region, the city of Mykolaiv released another video highlighting the city itself, providing those considering Ukraine with a closer look at this growing metropolis.

Experience Ukraine – Open for Tourism. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

What don't you know about all that Ukraine can offer? Ukraine has a unique mixture of attractions - beaches, mountains, rivers and lakes, marvelous cities and authentic countryside. We invite you to come and experience Ukraine's beauty and culture for yourself.

Ukraine. Open for IT. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

Ukraine is the #1 software development center in Central and Eastern Europe and fourth largest exporter of IT products and services in the world.

Ukraine is Changing. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

In the last 3 years, Ukraine has undergone more reforms than in the previous 23 years combined.

They Love Ukraine

Many languages, one message. Twelve awesome people from nine different countries, each share a piece of the poem "Love Ukraine" by Volodymyr Sosyura.

Switch On Ukraine

Its a new day in Ukraine; light always finds a way to emerge from darkness.