I skate to where the puck is going to be - not where it has been.   Wayne Gretzky


Success means looking ahead - not back - to find the windows of opportunity that open and allow for bursts of greatness and growth.


More and more businesses interested in increasing revenues, cutting costs, reaching new clients, greater efficiency, and positioning themselves for future trends are exploring - and investing in - Ukraine.


 The Ukrainian powerhouse opportunities in agriculture, energy, information technology, infrastructure and manufacturing have grown too large for investors to ignore. When combined with a highly skilled workforce, cost-efficiency, strategic geographic location and rapidly-improving business climate, Ukraine has much to offer.

Investors are no longer asking the question of Why Ukraine?  Greater numbers of investors and business owners are starting to understand the power of the reasons behind the statement Why Ukraine.

Trade Agreements

Free Trade Agreements offer wider cross-border businesses development opportunities.

Reform progress

Government and institutional reforms are already having an impact on Ukraine's business environment.


Centrally located in Europe, with numerous ports along the Black Sea, Ukraine is ideally situated as a manufacturing and trading hub.

Educated Workforce

99.4 literacy rate, top number of Engineering graduates in Europe

Key facts and figures about Ukraine

In just 3 years, Ukraine's economy has made remarkable strides.


The low cost of doing business in Ukraine makes it extremely attractive for a number of sectors.