Ukraine is centrally positioned in Europe, with direct transport access to Asia via the Black Sea, making it ideally situated for manufacturing and trade.

With over 170,000 km of roadways, 22,000 km of rail lines and 13 sea ports, Ukraine has the infrastructure to quickly move goods – from grain to auto parts – within the state or beyond the borders.

Most major destinations in Europe can be reached in 2 days by truck from Ukraine, which gives it a competitive edge, particularly for manufacturing and food distribution.

  • As a point of comparison, the average shipping time by sea from China is 25 days to Western Europe, and 30 days to Northern European countries.  When the truck time to ship across Europe is added for non-port cities, Ukraine stands out for its ability to deliver on both time and cost-to-market in the EU.

(source: https://cargofromchina.com/sea-freight/)

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